Job offer: Monster hunter Reggie Venkman is on the lookout for new staff

Become one of Reggies friends on LinkedIn and Facebook and find the perfect new sidejob!

You’re looking for a job that doesn’t bore you? One where you can kill monsters on a daily basis? Perfect, because that is exactly what Reggie Venkman needs assistance with. This is why he uses social networks to hunt for new colleagues. Become a monster hunter today, help Reggie defeat the intruders and rescue as many survivors as possible in an old mansion.

Action nonstop at your new sidejob

Reggie is the hero of the quirky and turbulent 2D arcade game My Night Job. He’s a full-time monster hunter – now, however, he uses the social media to hunt for new employees. Reggie appreciates every helping hand as his job is mainly to rescue as many innocent survivors in the old mansion as possible. Be one of the heroic saviors and defeat the nasty monsters in 25 settings so that every single one of the 100 survivors will make it out of the mansion safely. You can use 63 different weapons in order to make mincemeat of the monsters: When push comes to shove, you can even choose to do so with an umbrella or a fridge!

Reggie on Facebook and LinkedIn

If you want to help Reggie clean out the old mansion, friend him on Facebook and LinkedIn so you can experience closely how he challenges his turbulent daily grind as a terrifying monster hunter. Become Reggies favorite co-worker and tell your own friends all about your qualities as a ghostbuster and your skills with an axe. As a proud monster hunter you can also represent your new job in your own profile as there is also a company profile for My Night Job on LinkedIn.

About My Night Job

My Night Job offers the perfect side job. Help Reggie defeat monsters and free survivors in the old mansion. The awarded 2D arcade game is now available on Steam and for PlayStation 4 for $7,99. Save now: During the Steam summer sale that starts today, you are offered a 55% discount.

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Jakob Rogalski Senior Communications Consultant, wildcard communications
Jakob Rogalski Senior Communications Consultant, wildcard communications
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