Space Rift: Making-of videos to show creative process

How to develop a VR game?

Videos give an insight into the process of development

The action-packed, story-driven space adventure Space Rift has already been announced by bitComposer Interactive in May. Thanks to the recently released mixed-reality announcement trailer, it is noticeably perceptible how the eminent intensity of the large-scale Virtual Reality adventure scores off conventional gaming experiences. Additionally, the developers and the publisher of the Virtual Reality game now offer an exclusive look behind the scenes of the complex development process.

New footage and exciting looks behind the curtain of the game development

Due to the new videos, it is easy to comprehend the creative process that underlies the development of Space Rift. Every participant gets a chance to speak in the making-of videos which also show individual work processes and new thrilling scenes from the game. Off we go with the first episode “The Making”. It shows which role models were the most important and how the idea for Space Rift was born. The proper video with captions in English can be seen here.

Weekly impressions from the production process of Space Rift

Seven more video snippets will from now on be released in periodic sequence, one per week. These will provide information on the essential aspects of the Space Rift development, for instance its cinematic presentation and the outstanding storytelling approach. Also, the technical challenges the team had to cope with as part of the development process due to the still young VR technology, will be documented in short video sequences. This will enable people to get to know and appreciate all aspects of the game in an entertaining manner, especially since all the team members developing the German VR project take part in the videos.

Virtual Reality - Focus on the gaming experience

Virtual Reality offers an utterly striking new experience. Space Rift makes full use of this technology to set the focus on gripping gameplay, cinematic presentation and fascinating storytelling. Two episodes of the making-of series will shine a light on the technical aspects that this new innovative technology has to offer. The intriguing immersion conveys the feeling of really being a part of the virtual world and thereby provokes emotions. Thus, the spaceship in Space Rift becomes home, a friend - and the best conceivable pal to explore outer space and to free humanity.

About Space Rift: Real cockpit feeling in outer space

The combination with Virtual Reality leads Space Rift to provide a unique and immersive gaming experience. This motivates the player to advance the story autonomously and to put together newly revealed pieces in the puzzle. Concurrently, the space ship evolves into being the player’s favorite companion - not only in connection with the quest to free humankind, but also in the course of exploring the whole galaxy. The particular segments of the playable outer space were designed individually by the level designers and therefore offer a vast amount of variety - also thanks to impressive visual effects.

Space Rift will be available for PC in Summer 2016 at a price of USD/ EUR 19,99 (GBP 14,99): The Android version of Space Rift will also be released in Summer 2016 and the PlayStation VR version is planned for Fall 2016.

For further information, go to the game’s website:

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